Holiday village, Hotel and Residence by the sea in Calabria, at Capo Vaticano Ricadi, a few km from Tropea.

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Simple and tasty, Calabrian cuisine is a splendid combination of the various cultures that have touched our soil over the course of centuries. Contrary to what you might assume, meat, rather than fish, has a deep-rooted place in our culinary traditions. We produce many different special types of insaccati: i capicolli, le salsicce, le sopressate and la njudà, a special type of dried sausage made with black pepper, hot pepper, salt and fennel seeds. In addition, pork, goat meat and lamb are usually cooked in a sauce or on the grill.

Another specialty of the region is pasta, home-made and served with meat and tomato sauce. Naturally, fish is also a typical dish of the coastal towns: shrimp, mackerel, calamari and octopus are the main ingredients of an exquisite fish fries. Swordfish, caught in the straight of Messina, is served in many different ways: thin slices of smoked carpaccio, grilled or steamed with various spices. Sardines, which are sometimes called mustica, a name of Arab origin that derives from the terra cotta containers in which theyre preserved, are also worth a try. In particular, the sauces made from the sardines are delicious. We recommend tasting them with a home-made slice of buttered bread. Vegetables and home-preserved vegetables are also typical of Calabrian cuisine: black peppers, hot peppers and sweet peppers are often used to flavour sun-dried tomatoes, courgettes and wild mushrooms from the local mountains, all of which are conserved in olive oil.



You absolutely must taste our stuffed eggplants and stuffed peppers. The cheese most worthy of mention is caciocavallo, now only produced by hand in small farms in the region of La Sila. Though they look like small provolone cheeses, buturri are different because they have a butter in the center. More common but no less special is ricotta smoked in a wood burning stove and generally served grated over pasta. We also suggest the cheese of the Poro, very strong Pecorino which comes from the Altopiano del Poro in the region of Tropea.

In order to truly experience the flavors of the typical cuisine of our region, you must accompany it with a full-bodied locally produced wine which represents a millennium of tradition. Besides the excellent vintages from the regions of Vibo and Rossano, other areas appropriately denominated DOC are Bivongi, Greco di Bianco, Lamezia, Melissa, Pollino, Savuto and Ciro. Legend has it that the wine of Cirò was offered as a gift to the illustrious guests of Magna Grecia and the victorious athletes of the Olympics.