Holiday village, Hotel and Residence by the sea in Calabria, at Capo Vaticano Ricadi, a few km from Tropea.

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ArtigianatoIf youíre looking for a gift or a souvenir from Calabria, the shops offer you an opportunity to take home beautiful hand-made products. The production of ceramics in many forms is highly developed in the region. Every area has its own typical products that range from apotropaic masks originating from Seminara, to pitchers in the form of a fish from Rossano, to vases painted with scenes from Greco-Roman mythology from Gerace, to the lively glazed ceramics of Squillace.


Woodwork is also widespread: a typical example is the production of pipes. In some towns, stringed instruments are skillfully crafted: the production of musical instruments includes flageolets, violins and guitars. One of the most typical hand-made products from Calabria is surely the distaff : used in the past by women to spin wool, the distaffs made of wood and decorated with carvings were also offered as engagement gifts and, therefore, have symbolic value