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Tropea bluesThe Tropea Blues Festival is a musical festival which has Blues music as the protagonist. There are evening performances in several of the main squares of the Historical Town Centre of Tropea, performed by groups of varying experience but definite high quality. The aim of the festival is to increase the public’s appreciation of this type of music and at the same time develop a culturally orientated tourism by creating this moment of attraction for the town and the surrounding territory, known as “la Costa degli Dei” – The Coast of the Gods, and for the whole Region of Calabria. During this event, several carefully selected bands play contemporarily in the different squares. In the hometown of Blues, New Orleans (USA), the bands play amongst the people on the streets and during the Tropea Blues Festival the bands do the same. In this way the public are directly involved in the performances which create magic atmospheres in suggestive surroundings. Small stages are set up around the old part of the town in the squares. The technicians then create the enchanting atmosphere and feeling of the streets of blues in New Orleans. Posters and other visual effects decorate the streets of Tropea showing some of the history of Blues.


The 2009 edition will have several bands playing contemporarily throughout the historical centre of Tropea, as has happened in the past, but there are going to be a number of new elements.

1) The date has been brought forward following suggestions from the major tour operators in the area in order to attract a greater number of tourists. Thus the dates this year are from the 7th September to 12th September.

2) The Festival has been lengthened from 6 to 7 days to allow tour operators to create a ad hoc cultural holiday packet following advice in this sense from the tourist industry in the area.

3) The number of stages has been reduced from 5 to 4 to improve the flow of visitors and to allow them to listen to all the performances. This will enable the organisers to create a more efficient rota for the performers.


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The Tropea Blues Festival is one of the most innovative recent ideas, efficiently involving many people in activities aimed at lengthening the tourist season in Calabria. The Italian tourist market has struggled to maintain its place with its main competitors in recent years (Spain, Greece and Croatia). Within the Italian Tourist Market the Calabrian Tourist Market has a large quota and it is therefore of strategic importance for the economy of the whole country. From this point of view the Tropea Blues Festival is a means to attract holiday makers offering those who decide to buy the touristic packet to visit the Region of Calabria in the “Low” Season an alternative cultural holiday. This holiday gives them the opportunity to listen to quality music, to discover Calabrian traditions and to taste typical products. Studies of data about the “force” and fascination of blues music on tourists’ choices, taken from hundreds of thousands of individuals, open significant prospects and represent another challenge in order to attract, in the course of the next 3 – 5 years, in collaboration with tour operators, thousands of “new, quality” tourists.

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